ACTLAP is an acronym for Africa Computer and Technology Literacy Awareness Program. Our team of dedicated and trusted personnel is experienced on the job; with a drive to satisfying client’s desires always.


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The world is incomplete without fashion and beauty, especially in the advancement of new technology in beauty product
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Nollywood Canada Corporation
Nollywood Canada Corporation – The Corporation is a Censors board for North America and the Caribbean screen and film contents.
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LAWSCO Energy Limited
LAWSCO Energy Limited – LAWSCO services is mainly oil and gas marketing, supplies, procurement and consultancy.
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ACTLAP Foundation
The ACTLAP foundation is an initiative that maintains a crucial step to alleviate poverty in Africa through the embrace of computer education.
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ACTLAP Children's Initiative
We understand how important children are to us and the world as a whole, and we are passionate about their education and well being
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ACTLAP TECH is refers to as ACTLAP Technical Industry. An industrial creativity frame work of ACTLAP that is concerned with the development and inventions of new technology
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ACTLAP Medical Mission
ACTLAP Medical Mission to Africa is a charitable initiative to assist Africa in the fight against vulnerable diseases and the promotion of quality health care especially among women and children.
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ACTLAP Education Canada
ACTLAP Education Canada is established to assist viable individual(s) and students who intend to study or further their studies in Canada.
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Africa Fashion Model Search (AFAMS)
is an ACTLAP initiative for fund raising in order to promote ACTLAP projects in the future. This initiative is an extract from ACTLAP African Showcase, a project of ACTLAP
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Medical Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre
The centre is responsible for medical diagnosis and laboratory research for both regular diagnosis and forensic analysis.
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(ACTLAP Technology, Vocational, Innovations, Research and Development Centre) the ACTLAP Centre is the ACTLAP Technology home for productive IT/ICT solutions
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UN Consultative Status
he United Nation’s special consultative status provides NGOs with access to not only ECOSOC, but also to its many subsidiary bodies, to the various human rights mechanisms of the United Nations
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ACTLAP Power is a concept that provides basic lighting facilities on streets, roadways, communities, estates, institutions and commercial structures in Africa. The initiative was conceive out of the frequently
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As a North American based company, CONXCORP ensures the very best quality control and technology integration through local souring and manufacturing.
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